B&C Miks Brute-Checker (Lite Version)
  • B&C Miks Brute-Checker (Lite Version)

    Артикул: B&C_LITE

    For beginners, the Lite version works best!!!

    - Lite version license
    - The cost will include installing the admin panel on the server
    - Build in the form of EXE Lite version (not included build for Linux and Routers)
    - Free support consultations on launching tasks and managing the complex

    At the moment, this is the best tool, and most importantly, it is fast, it can pull a good speed out of your Windows employees when searching for text pairs

    ((login:pass or separately login password)

    The software is able to find ways for Brutus-CMS panels of different engines, Mysql, cpanel, and others.

    • The complex is able to produce a Pentest for such

      * Magento - Brute/Cheker
      * Wordpress - Brute/Cheker
      * Drupal - Brute/Cheker
      * Joomla - Brute/Cheker
      * Opencart - Brute/Cheker
      * Bitrix - Brute/Cheker
      * Cpanel - Brute/Cheker
      * WHM - Brute/Cheker
      * PhpMyAdmin - Brute/Cheker
      * Htpassword - Brute/Cheker
      * Ftp - Brute/Cheker
      * Ssh - Brute
      * Mysql - Brute
      * Postgresql - Brute
      * Woocommerce - Brute
      * Adminfinder - Cheker

    • The software is exclusively informational in natur

      For any damage caused to anyone by this software, the developer is not responsible for the actions of third parties

    1 000,00$ Обычная цена